How New Technologies are shaping the New World

There hasn’t been time in no phase of human history when so many technological innovations have happened as now in the 21st century. Innovations everywhere you look: self-driving cars, flights in direction to the Mars, artificial intelligence that writes better than Hemingway and paints more beautifully than van Gogh: all reality, or almost.

New technologies influence our lives and will do so more and more in the future. Drones are getting bigger and more powerful, cinema films more complex and innovative, air travels more accurate and sustainable, real estate projects greener and more valuable.

And this is where SAFIR comes in. The company is not one, but THE tech-marketing agency that is globally known for its innovative and success-oriented projects. It was founded to bridge the gap between current and future very advanced technologies and their (potential) customers. In addition, SAFIR is a powerhouse in the field of relational marketing – word of mouth is still the best advertising for a product!

SAFIR was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the digital ecosystem by providing highly innovative, technology-driven products to improve everyone’s life. The SAFIR CEO has expertise from over 18 years in the areas of telecommunications, smart cities, research, data protection and technology business development and says: “As an organization, our mission is to connect high-tech companies with their customers. The cooperation with our partners is so close that we regard their brand as our brand and their products as our products. At SAFIR, we strive to achieve their – and our – goals. In our technological future, they will be the epitome of success.”

“Everyone will live in a new world, with new technologies,” Abuzinjal says. “That’s a fact. Therefore, I invite everyone to jump on the SAFIR journey. We’re on our way to #1!”