Be a Leader: for yourself and for other

What is leadership about? Empowering yourself and serving as an example to others. Leadership is noble, wise, and emphatic. Become a leader!

What do Ali Abuzinjal and Lionel Messi, what do Barack Obama and Henk Diepbrink have in common?! They are all leaders in their areas of competencies and at the same time very special people. Of course, the list of names could go on and on.

A leader is someone who inspires others to take action and encourages them to strive for excellence. This is different from a boss. A boss is someone who gives orders and expects them to be followed. A leader looks for ways to help his or her team to reach their full potential, while a boss focuses just on getting tasks completed.

At SAFIR, it is all about leadership. The company is too valuable and its goals too lofty to simply downgrade its activities to some common work. SAFIR is about growth: your own, that of your own environment, that of your business partners, ultimately also the economic growth of all those high-tech companies with which SAFIR (and therefore you, and you, and you) works together.

Whoever dedicates their hearts to SAFIR is already a leader or on the way to becoming a great one. The SAFIR community will support you with all their experience and knowledge, and you will see: It is nice to empower your own life and to help others to do the same!