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Relational Marketing

Business Possibility

Develop your independent business as a side project or main one, to achieve the lifestyle you deserve and want.


High Tech Products

Offer High Tech products from exclusive High Tech partners highly recognized for their quality.


Networking Philosophy

Learning and applying relational marketing, create your own trusted network of distributors, based on SAFIR core values.

Strategic Partners

ALL Note: SAFIR Global provides its community with highly innovative hardware products and software solution in the product categories of Health-Tech, Energy-Tech as well as Blockchain-Tech. SAFIR does NOT offer any financial services such as crypto trading, arbitrage, coin selling or buying.


Making daily business for the aviation industry much smoother, more efficient and absolutely safe. Revolutionary changes of processes and structures through tokenization & blockchain-driven ideas. AVINOC is a team of specialists dedicated to revolutionizing the entire aviation industry through the use of innovative business models and cutting-edge technologies. Link: avinoc.com


On average, a person spends more than 24 years of their life in bed. Our products were developed to make the best possible use of this time for your health and quality of life – quite simply while you sleep! Ancient wisdom and the latest technology have been successfully combined at the highest scientific level. The result is FIBRILIUM, the unique high-tech fibre which, as the main component of our IFIBR products, has astounded many experts and patients by its effectiveness and efficiency! Using it couldn’t be easier and it is completely free of any side effects… Link: ifibr.com


The Tupan Token is was born to simply and assertively, achieve the necessary transition to a regenerative and circular economy. By joining the high technology of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network, with the most extraordinary demands of the century, Tupan brings you the opportunity to make a difference in the environment while enjoying an investment with a high potential for appreciation. The following is the presentation of an innovative minting concept, proposed firsthand by ZENIQ, which aims to engage users by reflecting the cultural and natural aspects of the Amazonia region into the minting process, translating the complex mathematical processes involved in the blockchain technology into intuitive storytelling that the Tupan Token investor easily comprehends. Link: tupan.io

Trust and the highest level of security for fintech innovations ZENIQ does research & development to create innovative products and services based on fintech and blockchain technology and is licensing selected partners to use and distribute these innovations globally. The high level of trust and security is guaranteed by its oustanding USP the ZENIQ HUB.

ZENIQ will become the most popular portal for digital investments in a few years and will be one of the top exchanges in the world with the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange. Link: zeniq.com

Great work I got a lot more than what I ordered, they are very legítimas and catchy. I went for one of them for my brand but is always better to have more options.

Mellissa Christine

I’m very happy with the results! They went above and beyond for me and that is always appreciated! I would highly recommend SH to anybody!

Michael Kyle

Safir no sólo me ha ofrecido la posibilidad de acceder un mercado billonario sino también la de desarrollarme profesionalmente en una industria compleja con todas las garantías.

Lorenzo Moreno

Real Possibility

Relational Marketing and High Tech products

As SAFIR, we offer a unique business possibility through the field of Relational Marketing. Via strategic alliances and partners, we are able to build this opportunity around the distribution of High Tech products from blockchain and health industries.

Our Vision

High-tech products for high value

The latest technologies in a wide variety of areas such as blockchain, tokenization, health and energy have the potential to positively and sustainably improve the lives of everyone. Technology that unfolds its full potential for the benefit of humans and nature. In order to ensure access to these opportunities for as many people as possible, we rely on the strongest driver of innovation that exists worldwide: on people themselves.

SAFIR is Global

Know our philosophy

Become part of this exciting journey, trusting in our products and structure, that welcomes you to a High Technology business.

Who we are

Regional Directors

Your community support Team

Werner Kaiser

Regional Director and CSO

In my opinion, SAFIR offers a unique product portfolio that is constantly expanding. This gives every user the opportunity to get to know highly innovative products and services in the areas of blockchain tech, health tech and energy tech and to positively influence their own lives. Especially in the field of recommendation marketing, this is not a matter of course. Real products, real services and a company that does everything to establish a completely new level on the market. I have never seen anything comparable!

Mark Münchmeyer

Regional Director

We are currently experiencing the 4th industrial revolution. Technologies are changing the world and our consumer behaviour for good! Blockchain, tokenisation and digitalisation bring massive benefits for companies, institutions and people worldwide! SAFIR offers us the possibility to participate in various technology categories and to actively market them in the form of revolutionary hardware products. Especially the ZENIQ Hub in the area of Blockchain Tech with a multitude of benefits and functions convinced me. I consider the unique decentralised blockchain ecosystem and concept of the product-partner company ZENIQ Technologies to be groundbreaking!

Thomas Englert

Regional Director

For me, SAFIR is marketing in its purest form and cannot be compared to other distribution companies. Since we don't have our own products or have to come up with any, the focus is on expansion and business building. Especially young people, people who want financial and local FREEDOM, and newcomers find the perfect environment to build a long-term business for decades. The teamwork concept and the worldwide network offer almost unlimited development potential. I look forward to the next exciting years with SAFIR".

Asker Sakinmaz

Regional Director

The way we communicate, travel, book a hotel, shop and pay has changed. So has the way we do business and earn money. Many people also want to change to move their lives in a positive direction, but often don't know where to start. SAFIR offers a perfect solution for those who don't want to miss the connection to the future. Build sustainable income streams based on breakthrough blockchain technology and build an international business as a result. AND best of all, it's all 100% online.

Israel Guerrero

Regional Director

I like real projects and the way Safir has chosen its products and partners tells me that they can offer a real opportunity. In this world that is constantly changing, Safir has been a great ally and a very good choice for me and for anyone who wants a recommendation marketing project.

Relations between good people, marketing with high tech products.